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SystemRescue 11.00

SystemRescue, a specialist live Linux distribution based on Arch Linux and designed for administrating and repairing computer systems and rescuing files, has been updated to version 11.0. The new release introduces the 6.6 LTS Linux kernel, provides some bug fixes, and adds several new utilities: "Updated the Linux kernel to the long-term supported Linux 6.6.14; added option 'ssh_known_hosts' in yaml configuration to trust SSH CAs signatures on host keys; fix the 'findroot' boot option when /sbin/init is an absolute symlink; fix the 'findroot' loop when the password to any encrypted device is unknown; update Xfce configuration (enabled screen saver, added battery icon); package 'dstat' has been replaced with 'dool' which is a fork of dstat; added bcachefs-tools (file system utilities for bcachefs, no kernel module yet); added blocksync-fast (block device sync tool for block-based backups); added sleuthkit (tools for raw file system inspection); added timeshift (snapshot-based backup program)."

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Теги: 2024, iso, linux, systemrescue, systemrescue.11.00

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