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Rhino Linux 2024.1

Rhino Linux is an Ubuntu-based distribution which offers a rolling-release upgrade approach. The distribution uses a customised Xfce desktop environment. The project has published its first release of 2024 which focuses on an update to the Pacstall repository: "Our main highlights for 2024.1 are Pacstall's 5.0.0+ releases, so please be sure to check out the provided release notes and updated wiki down below. Joint members of the Rhino Linux and Pacstall teams have been working hard over the last several months on these releases, and we are very excited about the development potential that they hold. Known issues: In the live boot of our ISOs, desktop icons are not appearing at the start (these issues do not persist after installation). To launch Calamares installer for Rhino Linux, you can simply select 'Install Rhino Linux' from the App Grid."

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Хэш (md5): 4727bde2e4e9cc0ce5456a8b964d1d69
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Теги: 2024, iso, linux, rhino.linux

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