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openSUSE 15.6 leap

The openSUSE project has published a new update to the distribution's Leap branch. openSUSE 15.6 Leap will be supported through to the end of 2025 and features a number of enhancements to remote administration tools and container management utilities: "The inclusion of the Cockpit package in openSUSE Leap 15.6 represents a significant enhancement in system and container management capabilities for users. This integration into Leap 15.6 improves usability and access as well as providing a link between advanced system administration and user-friendly operations from the web browser. The addition underscores openSUSE’s commitment to providing powerful tools that cater to both professionals and hobbyists. Leap does not come with a SELinux policy, so SELinux capabilities for Cockpit are not functioning. Container technologies receive a boost with Podman 4.8, which includes tailored support for Nextcloud through quadlets, alongside the latest releases of Distrobox, Docker, python-podman, Skopeo, containerd, libcontainers-common, ensuring a robust container management system. Virtualization technologies are also enhanced, featuring updates to Xen 4.18, KVM 8.2.2, libvirt 10.0, and virt-manager 4.1."

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 2024-06-30 1
 2024-06 1
Теги: 2024, iso, linux, opensuse

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