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Finnix 126

Finnix 126, a new version of the project's small Debian-based live Linux distribution designed for system administrators: "Today marks the release of Finnix 126, the original utility live Linux distribution. Finnix 126 includes a number of fixes, new packages and new features: Linux kernel 6.8 (Debian 6.8.12); new packages - libc6-i386 (finnix/finnix#35; not directly usable but allows for running certain i386 binaries in Finnix's amd64 userland); added 0 kernel command line option which does the same as the 0 (locale-config) utility, but during early boot and before shell prompts; upstream Debian package updates; many minor fixes and improvements. This is the first Finnix release to contain additional 'supply chain' assurances. The release was built on a public CI platform (GitHub Actions), with the ISO (.disk/build_info) pointing to the URL of the build run which lists a SHA256 checksum of the ISO and links to the exact commit used to build it. Additionally, the build provides an attestation of the build artifacts through GitHub's new attestation functionality. Note that this release was made a few days after the OpenSSH CVE-2024-6387 vulnerability announcement, and to be clear, Finnix 126 does include a fixed version (Debian 9.7p1-7)."

Раздел: Софт
Размер: 39.50kb (0.04M)
Хэш (md5): 94ef43bc6cf0e27a9e09afc2a75db6f1
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Загрузок: 1
 2024-07-05 1
 2024-07 1
Теги: 2024, debian-based, finnix.linux, linux, torrent

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