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"We are very happy to announce the availability of the new Slackware 15.0 stable release. There have been way too many changes to even begin to cover them here, but for our dedicated user base suffice to say that you'll find things modern but also familiar. We've gone with the 5.15.19 Linux kernel (part of the 5.15.x kernel series that will be getting long-term support from the kernel developers). You'll also enjoy a refreshed desktop experience including the KDE Plasma 25th Anniversary Edition with support for Wayland sessions. We adopted PAM (finally) as projects we needed dropped support for pure shadow passwords. We switched from ConsoleKit2 to elogind, making it much easier to support software that targets that Other Init System and bringing us up-to-date with the XDG standards. We added support for PipeWire as an alternate to PulseAudio, and for Wayland sessions in addition to X11."



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ExTiX is a desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. The project's latest version is ExTiX 20.4 which ships with the LXQt desktop and is based on the current development branch of Ubuntu, version 20.04. "I've made a new 'mini' edition of ExTiX - the ultimate Linux system. It is based on (the upcoming) Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 'Focal Fossa'. The ISO image file is now 1,050 MB, which is good if you want to run the system super fast from RAM. When the boot process is ready, you can eject the DVD or the USB stick. Use boot alternative 2 or advanced options - load to RAM. The best thing with ExTiX 20.4 is that while running the system live (from DVD/USB) or from hard drive you can use Refracta snapshot (pre-installed) to create your own live installable Ubuntu 20.04 system. So easy that a ten year old child can do it. ExTiX 20.4 uses the latest Linux kernel, version 5.6.2, released by kernel.org today. This version of ExTiX uses LXQt as the desktop environment."
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/extix/extix-20.4-64bit-efi- lxqt-mini-1050mb-200402.iso



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