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Debian 11.
The Debian project has published a new version of the distribution s Linux-based operating system. Debian 11 code name Bullseye includes over 11,000 additional packages and a number of interesting new features, including driverless document scanning, exFAT filesystem support, and a generic open command which can launch default applications from the command line. The official SANE driverless backend is provided by sane-escl in libsane1. An independently developed driverless backend is sane-airscan. Both backends understand the eSCL protocol but sane-airscan can also use the WSD protocol. Users should consider having both backends on their systems. eSCL and WSD are network protocols. Consequently they will operate over a USB connection if the device is an IPP-over-USB device see above . Note that libsane1 has ipp-usb as a recommended package. This leads to a suitable device being automatically set up to use a driverless backend driver when it is connected to a USB port. A new open command is available as a convenience alias to xdg-open by default or run-mailcap, managed by the update-alternatives 1 system. It is intended for interactive use at the command line, to open files with their default application, which can be a graphical program when available.

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