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Файл: kaos-2024.01-x86_64.iso

KaOS 2024.01

Version 2024.01 of KaOS, an independently-developed Linux distribution focused on Qt/KDE toolkit and desktop, has been released. This is the project's first stable release that incorporates KDE's upcoming Plasma 6 release, currently in the release candidate 2 stage. "It is a great pleasure to present to you the January release of a new stable ISO image. This release marks the end of Plasma 5 as the default Desktop Environment for KaOS. Almost fifteen months ago work started to fully migrate to a Frameworks 6, Plasma 6-based distribution, and with the release of Plasma 6 release candidate 2, this migration is now deemed ready to bring a better user experience than Plasma 5. From the onset of this migration, there was never a plan to mix the two environments. What you will see on this ISO is a pure Plasma 6-based environment. KaOS though has been shipping all ported applications from their Frameworks 6 branch in the many snapshot ISOs it has released to get ready for this migration. Just about all applications that users have become used to seeing in a Frameworks 5 / Plasma 5 version are available as a Frameworks 6 / Plasma 6 port."

Размер: 3417568.00kb (3337.47M)

Файл: linuxmint-21.3-cinnamon-64bit.iso

Linux Mint 21.3

The Linux Mint team have published a new version of their Ubuntu-based distribution: Linux Mint 21.3. The new point release includes several new features, including a new type of Cinnamon add-on (or "spice") which adds actions to the file manager. This release also includes support for Secure Boot and introduces experimental support for Wayland sessions in Cinnamon. "Cinnamon add-ons are called 'spices'. Until now Cinnamon supported 4 types of spices: Applets: Little programs which can be placed in your panel(s); Desklets: Same thing, but on your desktop; Extensions: Scripts which can alter the way Cinnamon works; Themes: Look and feel for your Cinnamon desktop. Cinnamon 6.0 features a new type of spices: Actions. Actions, formerly known as 'Nemo actions', are add-ons for your file manager's context menu. Right-click an .iso file and look at the context menu. The 'Make bootable USB stick' and 'Verify' menu items are Nemo actions, provided by the mintstick package. In Cinnamon 6.0, actions are now a type of spice. You can download, enable and rate them like any other spices: applets, desklets, extensions and Cinnamon themes."

Размер: 2995344.00kb (2925.14M)

Файл: syslinuxos_12.3-gnome_amd64.iso

SysLinuxOS 12.3

This version is based on Debian 12 and comes with a long-term supported 6.5 version of the Linux kernel. "SysLinuxOS is updated to version 12.3. In this version, numerous bugs have been fixed and it also brings with it several improvements to make it much more intuitive and easy to use. Many changes are under the hood, while others are purely aesthetic, and they improve the menu and icons in both GNOME and MATE desktop environments. SysLinuxOS is a distribution for system integrators and network administrators, it must be chameleonic and therefore have tools that help to interface in a mixed Windows/Linux environment. In this update, I have excluded two or three programs in favor of others that I believe are more useful for greater interoperability. I have therefore added WoeUSB, Teams for Linux, Webex, Github Desktop, Wiregui, Timeshift. As you can easily imagine, there is a lot of work behind this, so I apologize in advance if you encounter any small problems."

Размер: 3562016.00kb (3478.53M)

Файл: opnsense-24.1-dvd-amd64.iso.bz2

OPNsense 24.1

OPNsense is a FreeBSD-based specialist operating system designed for firewalls and routers. The project's latest release, OPNsense 24.1 "Savvy Shark" includes a number of upgrades and fiewall improvements, along with the OpenSSL 3. "For more than 9 years now, OPNsense is driving innovation through modularising and hardening the open source firewall, with simple and reliable firmware upgrades, multi-language support, fast adoption of upstream software updates as well as clear and stable 2-Clause BSD licensing. 24.1, nicknamed "Savvy Shark", features ports-based OpenSSL 3, Suricata 7, several MVC/API conversions, a new neighbor configuration feature for ARP/NDP, core inclusion of the os-firewall and os-wireguard plugins, CARP VHID tracking for OpenVPN and WireGuard, functional Kea DHCPv4 server with HA support plus much more."

Размер: 454286.73kb (443.64M)

Файл: opensuse-leap-15.5-dvd-x86_64-build491.1-media.iso

openSUSE 15.5

The openSUSE team has announced the release of openSUSE 15.5 Leap, a minor update to the project's 15.x series. The new version mostly offers small updates and security fixes for the 15.x branch of the distribution. "This release brings newer packages like Mesa and others, but Leap 15.5 is a non-feature release. Some of these newer packages to highlight include KDE Plasma 5.27, which is a Plasma Long Term Support version until the next one rolls out in 2024. Konqi lovers will enjoy a new welcome wizard, dynamic customization of desktop workspaces and more functionality with KRunner that includes a full desktop search, unit and currency exchange rate conversions, dictionary definitions, calculator features, and it shows graphical representations of mathematical functions. The Color Picker had a few improvements and added the possibility of displaying another preview color circle. KDE Gear 22.12.3 will be a new package in the release and complement the use of Plasma 5.27. The update fixes bugs with the Desktop Environment applications and highlights the enhancement of compression/decompression utility ark, improvements to text editor Kate and fixes some crashing of the video editor Kdenlive. Qt 5.15 LTS is available with the KDE Qt 5 patch collection."

Размер: 4310016.00kb (4209.00M)

Файл: systemrescue-11.00-amd64.iso

SystemRescue 11.00

SystemRescue, a specialist live Linux distribution based on Arch Linux and designed for administrating and repairing computer systems and rescuing files, has been updated to version 11.0. The new release introduces the 6.6 LTS Linux kernel, provides some bug fixes, and adds several new utilities: "Updated the Linux kernel to the long-term supported Linux 6.6.14; added option 'ssh_known_hosts' in yaml configuration to trust SSH CAs signatures on host keys; fix the 'findroot' boot option when /sbin/init is an absolute symlink; fix the 'findroot' loop when the password to any encrypted device is unknown; update Xfce configuration (enabled screen saver, added battery icon); package 'dstat' has been replaced with 'dool' which is a fork of dstat; added bcachefs-tools (file system utilities for bcachefs, no kernel module yet); added blocksync-fast (block device sync tool for block-based backups); added sleuthkit (tools for raw file system inspection); added timeshift (snapshot-based backup program)."

Размер: 873472.00kb (853.00M)

Файл: slackellive64-mate-7.7.iso

Slackel 7.7 "MATE"

"Slackel 7.7 'MATE' has been released. Includes the Linux kernel 6.6.11, MATE 1.26.2 and latest updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree. Also includes salixtools borrowed from Salix. This release is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. The 64-bit iso supports UEFI/EFI systems as well. This release includes Mozilla Firefox 121.0.1, Mozilla Thunderbird 115.6.1, LibreOffice 7.6.2, GIMP 2.10.36, SMTube 21.10.0, SMPlayer 23.12.0, mpv 0.34.1, MPlayer 20221009, Exaile 4.1.1, Brasero 3.12.2, isomaster 1.3.13, Pidgin 2.14.12, Transmission 2.94; it includes Flatpak so the user has access to dozens of apps to install. GUI tools developed in house also included: instonusb to create a live Slackel USB stick with persistent encryption file; multibootusb to create a live USB including 32-bit and 64-bit live editions of Slackel. SLI (Slackel Live Installer) to install Slackel to internal or external USB SSD or USB stick."

Размер: 2921280.00kb (2852.81M)

Файл: gnoppix-24.1.15_core_xfce-lts_desktop_amd64.iso

Gnoppix 24.1.15

Gnoppix is a Debian and Kali Linux-based distribution which can be run from a DVD, USB thumb drive or from a local drive. The project's latest release, Gnoppix 24.1.15, focuses on polishignthe Xfce desktop experience and making Tor networking more accessible. "Our Xfce edition features a traditional desktop layout with a bottom panel and Whiskermenu as the application menu. It is using the Qogir GTK theme (vinceliuice) with the Papirus icon theme for a sleek and modern look. Blueman comes installed for all of your Bluetooth needs. The impementation of the Gnoppix AI installer is completed too, you’ll be able install hundrets of AI tools with the 1-click option. This edition has taken a lot of work, and we are excited to share it with you all! To earn its privacy credentials the distro routes all Internet-bound traffic through the Tor anonymous network. Earlier, the distro used a launcher script to fetch the latest Tor release from the Internet, but now bundles it by default."

Размер: 3801088.00kb (3712.00M)

Файл: redcore.linux.hardened.2401.tarazed.kde.amd64.iso

Redcore Linux 2401

Redcore Linux is a desktop-oriented distribution based on Gentoo. The project's latest release, Redcore Linux 2401, brings updated hardware support through newer kernels and switches the default sound system to PipeWire. "resync with Gentoo Linux' testing tree as of 21.01.2024; Linux kernel v6.6.13 LTS as default, v6.1 LTS and v5.15 LTS available in repositories, for those who want an older kernel; glibc v2.37, gcc v13.2.0, binutils v2.40, clang/llvm v17.0.6, rust v1.74.1 based toolchain; latest mesa, xorg, xwayland and wayland based graphical stack; PipeWire is now the default sound server implementation, replacing both PulseAudio and JACK, modernising the sound stack; OpenSSL v3 is now default, moving away from the good old OpenSSL v1; FFmpeg v6 is now default, moving away from the good old ffmpeg v4."

Размер: 4693476.00kb (4583.47M)

Файл: boron-1-240123-amd64.hybrid.iso.torrent

BunsenLabs Linux Boron

"The BunsenLabs team are pleased to announce the release of BunsenLabs Boron. Based on Debian 'Bookworm', this is the best BunsenLabs so far, in our opinion. Some of the new features are: a beautiful graphical user interface by our graphics team, taking Juliette Taka's Debian Emerald wallpaper as a starting point, windows have round corners, the menu has icons and the panel is vertical, as usual, all these details are easily adjusted to users' preferences; alternative GUI themes are easily selected from our BLOB utility, under 'User Preferences' in the menu, there is a dark Boron theme with red highlights, a horizontal panel and no menu icons, users who liked earlier BunsenLabs themes can easily switch to the Beryllium, Lithium, Helium or other desktops; an optional utility will monitor package upgrades and inform the user if any are available; various bugs and annoyances have been fixed throughout the system."

Размер: 134.71kb (0.13M)

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