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Файл: emmabuntus-de5-amd64-12.1-1.00.torrent

Emmabuntüs DE5-1.00

Emmabuntüs is a desktop Linux distribution with editions based on Debian's Stable branch. The project's latest release, Debian Edition (DE) 5-1.00 is based on Debian 12 "Bookworm". "This Emmabuntüs DE 5 release includes the following changes or features: Based on Debian 12.1 Bookworm; kernel 6.1.27; Xfce 4.18.1; LXQt 1.20.0; LibreOffice 7.4.5; Firefox ESR 102.14.0; Falkon 22.12.1-2; Thunderbird 102.14.0; Added a script to run OS-prober; improved startup time in live mode and installation of Calamares under WMware; removed PlayOnLinux and WINE to save space following the activation of a new ISO compression mode; disabled info message on non-free-firmware repository; replaced zram-tools by systemd-zram-generator; updated Scratch 3.29.1 to 64-bit version; updated of the Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 5 installation tutorial in French version. Emmabuntüs comes with a large number of software to allow beginners to have all the tools they may need without having to look for them and install them, see the list of all the software available on Emmabuntüs DE 5. We fully assume this choice, which also allows us to provide a complete ready-to-use solution within the framework of our activities of computers re-use and training for computer classes under GNU/Linux, as for example in Togo within the framework of our collaboration with the associations YovoTogo and JUMP Lab'Orione."

Размер: 39.69kb (0.04M)

Файл: windows7-usb-dvd-download-tool-installer-en-us.exe


Размер: 2657.39kb (2.60M)

Файл: kmsauto_windows_8.1.rar

KMSAuto Windows 8.1

Размер: 2202.09kb (2.15M)

Файл: kmsautonet.exe

KMSAuto Net

Размер: 4676.50kb (4.57M)

Файл: kmsauto.lite.portable.v1.2.0.rar


Размер: 1332.11kb (1.30M)

Файл: kmsauto.lite.portable.v1.2.0.rar


Размер: 1332.11kb (1.30M)

Файл: bodhi-5.1.0-legacy.iso.torrent

"The Bodhi team is thrilled to announce the long-awaited release of Bodhi Linux 7.0. Built on the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS base, Bodhi 7.0 is a momentous step forward. With a strong commitment to improving user experience, performance and adhering to its core values of minimalism and customization, this release marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Bodhi Linux. Bodhi Linux 7.0 comes with an array of improvements and updates. Most notable are: introduction of a new 's76' release which features a more advanced Linux kernel for those seeking cutting-edge performance; Linux kernel updates are now enabled by default; EFL and Terminology are updated to the version in e-git; Moksha no longer relies on deprecated libraries; the login screen boasts an upgraded slick greeter with a password reveal feature, complemented by a new Plymouth theme."

Размер: 29.52kb (0.03M)

Файл: operasetup.exe

Opera browser

Размер: 2815.30kb (2.75M)

Файл: truenas-scale-23.10-beta.1.iso

TrueNAS 23.10 Beta 1

The TrueNAS team has published a development snapshot of the project's network-attached storage SCALE branch. The new beta upgrades the Linux kernel, NVIDIA drivers, and OpenZFS: "What's New In TrueNAS SCALE Cobia? A heck of a lot! Rather than go through every enhancement in detail, we'll provide a quick overview and share the specifics of key Cobia features in future blogs. Some of the highlights include:OpenZFS 2.2 with many iXsystems contributions. Linux Kernel 6.1 and improved hardware support. NVIDIA 535.54.03 driver updates. Improved Apps UI. Improved Storage Pool UI. ZFS Block Cloning (Deduplication) for SMB and NFS file copies. ZFS dRAID Pool Layouts (coming soon). Netdata backend stats collection. Samba update and speed improvements. Simplified SMB cluster expansion via TrueCommand (coming soon). Importing of SMB shares from other systems (soming soon to Apps). Scale up to 1200 drives and 25PB+ on a single system. iSCSI improvements including ALUA support. Simplified feedback and bug reporting. Pause/Unpause ZFS Scrub Controls."

Размер: 1539430.00kb (1503.35M)

Файл: devuan_daedalus_5.0.0_amd64_desktop-live.iso

Devuan GNU+Linux 5.0.0

Devuan GNU+Linux is a Linux distribution forked from Debian in 2015. The project's primary goal is to provide a variant of Debian without the complexities and dependencies of systemd. The project's latest release is Devuan 5.0.0 "Daedalus". The release notes share highlights of the new version. "xserver-xorg-core now uses libseat1 to control rootless startx and access to input and video devices - this has several advantages, the most significant being that it removes the dbus dependency from xserver-xorg-core; libseat1 can use either seatd or elogind as a backend; if you need to override the default choice (autodiscovery), use the LIBSEAT_BACKEND environment variable; if you are using seatd as the backend, ensure the user is a member of the video group - this is only relevant to running startx as a user, X.Org run as root by a display manager is unaffected; users can now enjoy a Wayland desktop without elogind by installing libpam-ck-connector, sway and seatd; ensure the relevant user is a member of the 'video' group and run Sway from the terminal."

Размер: 1421232.00kb (1387.92M)

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