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Файл: 1314.xls

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Файл: 1314.xls

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Файл: trade.7z

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Файл: rescuezilla1.0.6.txt

The 64-bit edition of Rescuezilla 1.0.6 is based on Ubuntu 20.04, while the 32-bit variant is still derived from Ubuntu 18.04; both flavours feature tools for backing up and rescuing individual files or complete operating systems through a simple user interface. From the changelog: "Version 1.0.6 (2020-06-17). Added 64-bit edition (this fixes the slow transfer rates issue on systems with more than 16GB of RAM); added support for booting on EFI-only machines (including with Secure Boot enabled, 64-bit only); switched ISOLINUX bootloader to GRUB affecting all boot approaches: BIOS, EFI and CD-ROM; upgraded OS base to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS 'Focal' from 18.04 LTS 'Bionic' (64-bit only); Ubuntu 20.04 has dropped 32-bit edition, so Rescuezilla 32-bit remains based on Ubuntu 18.04; fixed issue preventing backup/restore of partitions smaller than typically 40MB; fixed broken GRUB backup affecting some 1MB-aligned file systems on MBR-formatted disks...."
Please visit the project's home page at Rescuezilla.com for a complete list of features, screenshots and other useful information.
Download: https://github.com/rescuezilla/rescuezilla/relea ses/download/1.0.6/rescuezilla-1.0.6-64bit.iso https://github.com/rescuezilla/rescuezilla/relea ses/download/1.0.6/rescuezilla-1.0.6-32bit.iso

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Файл: 1071.xls

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Файл: rah982vn.xls

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Файл: dogovir_proekt_b.docx

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Файл: dogovirinstrument-tsentrznimachpidshipn.mnu1.docx

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Файл: networksecuritytoolkit32-11992.txt

Network Security Toolkit (NST) is a bootable live CD based on the Fedora distribution. The project's latest release is based on Fedora 32 and includes a number of new tools and features for analyzing network traffic. "We are pleased to announce the latest NST release: NST 32 SVN:11992. This release is based on Fedora 32 using Linux kernel 5.6.15. This release brings the NST distribution on par with Fedora 32. Here are some of the highlights and new tools added for this release: A new NST WUI page for displaying Wireshark tshark Statistics Conversations has been developed - see the example: tshark Statistics Conversations page shown below. This page focuses on displaying network conversations between two specific endpoints in tabular format and results can be further analyzed with the NST Network Tools Widgets. One can choose a Conversation Type and Display filter to isolate traffic of interest. The table output also contains the ability to create stream display filters for packet capture decode analysis. Many other actions and features can be found on this page. Added a new NST WUI page for the next generation the Kismet Wireless Surveillance application."

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Файл: 1195.xls

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