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Раздел: Документы

Файл: kamni.pdf

Размер: 32553.70kb (31.79M)

Файл: 1cv720ispr.zip

Размер: 51361.32kb (50.16M)

Файл: 1cv72020.zip

Размер: 48353.84kb (47.22M)

Файл: linuxkodachi7.0.txt

"Linux kernel upgrade from 5.0 to 5.4; added FDN DNS; added Next DNS; added Cloudflare Family malware and adult content filtering; added Neustar Family malware and adult content filtering; added exfat file system support; added Enigmail plugin for Thunderbird; added Tilix; added USBGuard; added USBKill; added proxychains; Conky improved new display items like Torrify IP country and font size; added MPV player; added new options to IP source control and system log scripts; Jaxx wallet remove; Exoduse wallet removed; Xelcore wallet removed; Bisq exchange removed; Tox chat removed; Ring chat removed; VLC removed; full system update; removed Tenta and Fourth estate DNS - slow and dead. Kodachi browser changes: DuckDuckGo plugin removed; disable JavaScript plugin removed; BP Privacy Block All Font and Glyph Detection replaced with trace; Canvas Defender replaced WITH trace; Canvas Blocker replaced WITH trace...."
Download: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/linuxkodachi/ko dachi-7.0-64.iso

Размер: 0.97kb (0.00M)

Файл: trade.7z

Размер: 243108.98kb (237.41M)

Файл: versions.txt.id-34749dae.paybitaol.com.payb

Размер: 27.64kb (0.03M)

Файл: nutyx11.5.txt

NuTyX is a French Linux distribution (with multi-language support) built from Linux From Scratch and Beyond Linux From Scratch, with a custom package manager called "cards". The distribution's latest release is version 11.5 which ships with a number of package updates. "I'm very pleased to announce the new NuTyX 11.5 release. The 64-bit version contains about 700 packages upgraded. The 32-bit version of NuTyX, still actively supported. In the newest release, base NuTyX comes with the Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel 4.19.123 (4.9.224 for the 32-bit version). For 64-bit systems,the kernel release 5.6.13 is also available. Changelogs for the kernels are available here: kernel 4.19.123 changlog kernel 5.6.13 changelog. The GNU C library, glibc, is now glibc 2.31. The graphical server is xorg-server 1.20.8. The mesa library is 20.0.6, GTK3 is 3.24.20, and Qt has been updated to 5.14.2. Python interpreters 3.8.3 and 2.7.18 have been included in this release. The MATE desktop environment comes in 1.24.0, the latest version."

Размер: 1.09kb (0.00M)

Файл: q4os3.11.txt

Q4OS is a Debian-based desktop Linux distribution designed to offer classic-style user interface (Trinity) or the more modern Plasma desktop. The project's latest version, Q4OS 3.11, offers several package upgrades and introduces new dedicated installers for the Firefox and Palemoon web browsers. The release announcement offers further details: "A significant update to Q4OS 3 Centaurus LTS is immediately available for download. The new 3.11 series receives all the fixes and goodies from the recent Debian Buster 10.4 update, critical security and bug fixes and brings several Q4OS specific improvements. Most importantly, the Q4OS Software centre applications list has got a bunch of new items. National keyboard layout configuration has been enhanced. In addition to the above, Q4OS 3.11 brings other exciting enhancements, such as dedicated installers for Firefox 76 and Palemoon browsers as well as cumulative upgrade covering all changes since the previous stable version of Q4OS 3 Centaurus."
Download: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/q4os/q4os-3.11- x64.r1.iso
http://downloads.sourceforge.net/q4os/q4os-3.11- x64-tde.r1.iso

Размер: 1.11kb (0.00M)

Файл: 38nasosenergomash30kaldnejj.7z

Размер: 57.98kb (0.06M)

Файл: dogovir-81tovinstrument-tsentr.pdf

Размер: 658.41kb (0.64M)

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